Sign up to be apart of the Apex Kustom Team and to be an Ambassador!

How to become a member of the Apex Kustom Team:

  1. Sign up to be an Apex Kustom Ambassador. (Link)
  1. After Creating your Ambassador Account. Add your Custom Promo Code to your: Instagram Bio, Facebook Bio.
  2. Add in your BIO:
  • @Apex_Kustom (and) Ambassador of: Apex Kustom
  1. Purchase an Apex Kustom Decal to Rep on your Truck or Car.
  2. Or Purchase an Apex Kustom Tee to rep around to spread the word.
  3. If you don’t want to Purchase a Decal Or T-Shirt. Then simply Tag Apex Kustom in your post or Place a Water Mark of Our Logo on your post!
  • For Example: Water Mark Logo  


  1. It is FREE to Join with the Opportunity to earn off future sales!

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